Online Slots

Getting the Most out of Slots

1. Play slots with a minimum bet that you are comfortable with. If $5 is too rich for your blood, switch to a quarter or $1 machine.

2. Gamble in sessions. Set a time limit and a spending limit - then stick to it. Self-discipline is the cornerstone to slot machine success over the long run.

3. Test every machine you play by using a 'personal pull number'. This means play a certain number of pulls or spins (say, 10), then gauge how well the machine is responding. After 10 spins, stop and add up what the machine has paid out. If you are not close to breaking even, move on.

4. Slow down and enjoy the ride. Fast play in slots will just empty your account faster. Here's the math: if you do 600 spins an hour for 3 hours, your expected losses would be exactly the same as if you played only 200 spins an hour over 9 hours. Result: six hours more fun for the same coin.


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